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Deploying Beacons for EagleWatchGolf

Proximity sensors enhance the app’s user experience

Jude Thompson of EagleWatchGolf and Carson McDonald of Mission Data placing beacons around the Blue Sky Golf Course in Jacksonville, FL.

Our CEO, Stu Gavurin, and VP of research and development, Carson McDonald, recently traveled to Florida with one of our clients, EagleWatchGolf, to enhance a mobile solution with beacon technology. The EagleWatchGolf app by Mission Data allows users to compete for hole-in-one jackpots at select holes in participating golf courses.

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We visited Blue Sky Golf Club in Jacksonville, a participating EagleWatchGolf course, to place beacons at select holes as part of an IoT solution. The solution offers app users a more frictionless experience, and brings more golfers into the jackpot fun. As EagleWatchGolf app users enter the clubhouse, beacons trigger the app to send a notification suggesting they play the EWG hole on the course. Additionally, if they’re already signed up to play the hole, then the app will send a reminder when they enter the clubhouse. Lastly, if they haven’t signed up to play, the app will ask if they want to participate in the competition.

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Beacons offer companies an opportunity to engage deeper with their consumers, offer proximity-based marketing moments, and provide frictionless user experiences. They have become commonplace in retail establishments, quick-serve restaurants, and entertainment venues. We’re proud to support EagleWatchGolf with the development of their own IoT solution and explore innovative beacon use cases with them.

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