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Recorded Webinar: Emerging Tech and the Frictionless Employee Experience

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Posted by: Mission Data on Feb 24, 2017 3:22:26 PM
An engaging discussion on digital workforce strategies

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Our insightful webinar, “Power Up Your People: Emerging Tech and the Frictionless Employee Experience,” hosted by our CEO, Stu Gavurin, and Forrester Principal Analyst, J.P. Gownder, is now available for viewing.

You’ll be sure to walk away with leading-edge insights on the relationship between customer experience (CX) and employee experience (EX), and examples of the ROI for developing a frictionless EX using emerging tech such as voice-based interfaces, the Internet of Things, and machine learning. Additionally, by going to the webinar page on BrightTalk, you’ll find two attachments available for free download: our white paper, “The Digital Roadmap to a Frictionless Distributed Workforce,” and Forrester’s “Ten Trends That Will Reshape Workforce Productivity in 2017.”

Special thanks to the Forrester team for a great discussion!

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